Ashley F.
Submitted 01/12/22
Amazing job! I barely felt anything and Iv been through some petty traumatic experiences with dentists. They had me in and out within an hour. Overall the best Experience iv had.

Mark G.
Submitted 12/17/21
Dr. Mahoney and staff were friendly and thorough, explaining dental procédures before extractions and immédiate dentures. Everything went well. Great job. Thank you!

Helen R.
Submitted 12/16/21
Very friendly staff

Charles H.
Submitted 11/26/21
I was worked into their busy schedule when I cracked a tooth and experiencing pain

Doris G.
Submitted 10/06/21
I just hate getting the shots, that hurts me so bad!! I wish Dr Mahoney would give the pill!

Patsy B.
Submitted 09/21/21
As always, Dr. Mahoney and staff were very professional, friendly and efficient.

Steelyn B.
Submitted 09/16/21
Great with kids!

Karen S.
Submitted 09/15/21
Everyone in Dr Mahoney’s Office is very nice and seemed to want to help me and my husband for dental care we need. They are very professional and so is Dr Mahoney! Dr Mahoney takes time with you and explains his plan of action! He will listen to you about what direction you want to go and puts your considers yourself concerns. He is very kind and soft spoken and makes you feel at ease. There is no better dentist in our area as good as Dr Mahoney and his office employees and nurses are very kind. I’d recommend Dr Maloney and his Office to anyone who is searching for a dentist or is looking to change their dentist! Dr Mahoney will have a great plan set for you, let’s you make your own decisions We only wish we would have found him years ago! When other dentist and surgeons told me they couldn’t help me I had lost all hope in my dental care. Right away Dr Mahoney set up a plan of action for me and is more than happy to help!

Eddie C.
Submitted 08/24/21
I needed to see the dentist ASAP due to a bad toothache. They worked me in promptly and took good care of me

Elizabeth D.
Submitted 08/12/21
The respect and care I received was overwhelming! Dr Mahoney and the entire staff especially Terri Rodrigues was so awesome. I felt like everyone was my family. The most awesome place I have ever been including Dr office’s , hospitals and everywhere. They all treated me like a queen! Dr Mahoney is farmost best dentist I have ever been to I would recommend him over 100%. I am extremely satisfied with everything they have done for me!

Thelia L.
Submitted 08/09/21
I appreciate Dr. Mahoney’s professionalism and his staff is always helpful and friendly.

Ashlynn L.
Submitted 08/03/21
Always happy with our visits, fast, fair price, great atmosphere and we actually drive 2.5 hours to see Dr Mahoney!

Mona H.
Submitted 07/12/21
Friendly staff good dentist

Kenneth L.
Submitted 07/01/21
Excellent care by Dr. And Assistant. Have not had any pain or discomfort today after crown and lesion removal. Recommend his work and professionalism.

Debbie R.
Submitted 06/30/21
Very friendly staff who cares about your needs. Dr. Mahoney is great and highly recommend him.

Shayla S.
Submitted 06/10/21
I’m a big baby I hate pain. I didn’t feel anything after the numbing topical and shots. They should make quieter drills for the mouth tho bc my mind was like omg you gonna die hahah

Thressa S.
Submitted 06/10/21
Pleasant visit, very informative.

Kerstin D.
Submitted 06/02/21
Very friendly and kind staff. Got me in quicker than I thought they could.

Allison P.
Submitted 12/06/20
Great customer service!

Robert D.
Submitted 06/18/20
I’ve been a patient of Big Country Dental for several years. Great staff and Dr. Mahoney does excellent work. Feel blessed to have a quality dental office in a small rural town.

Larry H.
Submitted 01/20/20
Fast and no pain

Rebecca M.
Submitted 12/18/19
Friendly staff, gentle and efficient!!!

Krista N.
Submitted 12/10/19
Fast n friendly service!

Phyllis L.
Submitted 12/03/19
Well treated… very courteous…

Johnnie W.
Submitted 11/25/19
Always great service, Dr Mahoney is always kind and does an excellent job

Braxton A.
Submitted 11/19/19
Great place with great staff:)

Deanne P.
Submitted 11/11/19
Everyone is always friendly and professional.

Ronnie O.
Submitted 11/11/19

Rebecca M.
Submitted 10/02/19
They are friendly,thorough and efficient.

Joe R.
Submitted 09/09/19
Great! Still deadened

James H.
Submitted 08/07/19
The staff and doctor were very thorough and professional.

W.L. W.
Submitted 07/31/19
Good experience. No psi and no bleeding at all.

David H.
Submitted 07/30/19
Very friendly nurses very professional way they handled appointment didn’t have to stay in there very long very good appointment.

Peggy M.
Submitted 06/27/19
Very good!! Everyone was very friendly!!

Howard”Gene” G.
Submitted 06/18/19
Professional service. Good experience

Keyven M.
Submitted 06/12/19
Wonderful staff & Doctor… very kind and explains what is going on!

Travis S.
Submitted 06/03/19
Very friendly staff! Two teenage boys both really liked the dentist!

Rebecca U.
Submitted 06/03/19
Great work! Very friendly and accommodating. Made me feel comfortable through the whole process.

Jackson V.
Submitted 05/07/19
Very respectful and listens to any concerns patients might have.

Valentin U.
Submitted 04/25/19
Very good

Ximena S.
Submitted 04/11/19
Good dentist

Betty C.
Submitted 03/21/19
Friendly staff Pleasant environment

Juanita G.
Submitted 03/21/19

James A.
Submitted 03/21/19

Tami B.
Submitted 03/18/19
Staff and Dr. Mahoney were all very nice.

Margaret B.
Submitted 03/06/19
Being able to come to a place with people with friendly smiles and that they are willing to work with you. I have never had a bad experience with this place. Dr. Mahoney is very nice and will listen to you and figure out what is best for you.

Ray E.
Submitted 03/06/19
Good not painful

Brittany A.
Submitted 03/05/19
My girls never have any problems and always feel well taken care of and informed. Absolutely a great team of dentistry!

Sydney S.
Submitted 02/20/19
Staff was very friendly and professional from the beginning to the end. Dr Mahoney is great! High recommend Big Country Family Dental!

James A.
Submitted 02/14/19

Charlotte H.
Submitted 01/30/19
Very professional,prompt and informative.

Christian B.
Submitted 01/20/19
It was decent price and quick the only thing is im still hurtn and sore going on 4th day and he did not prescribe anything for pain… everyone is different but overall i was very pleased with his work…i highly recommend 🙂

Christian B.
Submitted 01/20/19
Very professional, explained every thing and will recommend him.

Roy R.
Submitted 01/17/19
Everyone was pleasant and professional. Dr. Mahoney did an excellent job of making sure I knew and understood everything that he was doing.

Rosalynda A.
Submitted 01/15/19
Love Dr Mahoney. Very kind and patient with kids.

Madeline C.
Submitted 01/15/19
Very friendly staff! Took the time to explain every thing! The doctor was very attentive as well!

Teresa R.
Submitted 01/14/19
They were great! Very well organized and friendly! Thank you guys!

Camin P.
Submitted 01/11/19
There was cement left on the temporary so I finally filed it off. It made my jaw so very sore.

Christopher P.
Submitted 01/09/19
He always does great work, and my Son is never hurting after the knumbing med wears off.

John A.
Submitted 01/08/19
Always friendly and courteous staff. Never any surprises, everything is up front and discussed with you before anything is done. Couldn’t be better

Peggy B.
Submitted 01/08/19
Just very expensive

Sterling P.
Submitted 01/08/19
Easy, quick, efficient. Nice people!

Randy M.
Submitted 01/01/19
Dr. Mahoney and staff are very kind, professional, and conscientious from the front office to the examining room. He was especially good at explaining everything to me in detail. I could not have asked for a better dental experience. I recommend Dr. Mahoney to any and everyone.

Kristi M.
Submitted 12/18/18
Very professional and friendly!

Jeremy S.
Submitted 12/12/18
My boys LOVE going to see Dr.Mahoney & his staff. They are very friendly & make you feel like FAMILY. But must importantly, my kids are comfortable with Dr.Mahoney and that’s what matters the most.

Christopher P.
Submitted 12/11/18
He is a amazing dentist, he explains everything and always ask questions. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks

William T.
Submitted 12/03/18
Having visited Dr Mahoney before, I was once again impressed with services rendered. He is an excellent dentist and the staff exceptional. Thank you.

Tommi J.
Submitted 11/29/18
Dr Mahoney & his assistant were very comforting & caring through procedure.

Zoelee C.
Submitted 11/15/18
I got my upper wisdom teeth pulled out and I didn’t feel a thing. The procedure was fast and a success. I didn’t feel any pain, and I can eat without a problem hours later.

Jasmine R.
Submitted 11/15/18
Awesome Dentist !

Diane S.
Submitted 11/12/18
I had 5 teeth pulled. Painless an quick. Very happy with my visit.

Gary R.
Submitted 10/24/18
I am very pleased with the bridge I received. Dr Mahoney and his staff are very helpful and professional. I highly recommend.

Gary R.
Submitted 09/12/18
I was very pleased with my dental care. I was in a lot of pain and was able to see Dr Mahoney same morning I called. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Adelmira R.
Submitted 09/11/18
I really felt welcomed everyone is so friendly

Mackenzie G.
Submitted 08/29/18
The dentist and hygienist were very nice. They did a great job and I barely felt a thing.

Jason T.
Submitted 08/16/18
Professional staff! From the cleaning to the filling procedure! Staff was respectful and informative of procedures.

Debora W.
Submitted 08/14/18
I had 2 teeth pulled. I never knew he had pulled the second tooth. Wonderful experience!

John A.
Submitted 07/10/18
Extremely great service – I went in with an abscess tooth and they got right on it and got me some relief – couldn’t be more satisfied

Edward”Charlie” P.
Submitted 07/10/18

Jina G.
Submitted 07/09/18
He’s always straight up with me about everything. Very nice.

Dorothy D.
Submitted 06/28/18
Very good. Kind and professional. Appreciated everyone’s help.

Rene N.
Submitted 06/13/18
Got in and got out had my procedure done quick

Dorothy D.
Submitted 06/12/18
Enjoyed the staff. Dr. was very kind and accomplished what he said needed to be done. Will be using him for my dentist .

Debra L.
Submitted 06/11/18
Very good!!

Dorothy D.
Submitted 06/07/18
I was very pleased. I feel like he d took real good care of me. Very kind.

Rita C.
Submitted 05/25/18
This place was certainly busy. That means they are doing something right. Dr. Mahoney was great as well as all the staff. Thank all of you. FLOSS, FLOSS and FLOSS!

Angela D.
Submitted 05/24/18
Excellent with kids

Gary H.
Submitted 05/24/18
Dr. Mahoney worked me into his schedule when I lost an implant. His staff as well as Dr Mahoney are very professional. I wouldn’t go to any other dentist. My wife and I have chosen to keep him even though we drive 4 hours to an appointment.

Paul L.
Submitted 05/10/18

Christopher M.
Submitted 04/30/18
Sat down and actually explain my options. Actually asked if I had any questions and listened to them!!

Thelia L.
Submitted 04/23/18
Dr. Mahoney is very patient and thorough.

Edwin (Jim) H.
Submitted 04/19/18
Dr Mahoney did extensive reconstructive work over a period of several months. He is efficient, personable, professional and does excellent work. Highly recommend him to all!

Judy N.
Submitted 04/12/18
Given easy to understand information about gum problem.

Katherine B.
Submitted 03/27/18
Everyone was very nice.

Maegan E.
Submitted 03/27/18
Wonderful staff and quick to get you in and seen to and on your way

John H.
Submitted 03/26/18
A bunch of friendly and caring professionals BCFD.

Robbie P.
Submitted 03/22/18
Quick response for appointment. Painless prep for new crown. Highly recommend.

Tami B.
Submitted 03/20/18
Fast and friendly service. Very knowledgeable.

Judy M.
Submitted 03/07/18
We like Big Countey Family Dental very much! Both Dr. Ray and Dr. Mahoney are excellent dentists! They get you in on time for your appointment. The dental hygienist is excellent! The entire staff are friendly, happy, and they take care of you! Our experience with these dentists is excellent!

Steven R.
Submitted 02/28/18
Professional and helpful staff

Jamie L.
Submitted 01/24/18
Awesome Especially Since I need Relief So Bad but Still Staff and Dr. Mahoney are the Best Overall office I’ve Seen

Cindy W.
Submitted 12/21/17
Great, friendly and well informed. Dr. Ray was wonderful.